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Corneille speaks at last.

October 26, 2016

Corneille Nyungura, the famous Rwandan-Canadian singer recently published a book in which he describes how Paul Kagame’s men murdered Corneille’s family. An article by Bernard Desgagné (in french). Here is the article .



24 years of Genocide against the Hutus

May 18, 2014

Refugees home delivery service for Kagame.

November 29, 2011

When I fled Rwanda in 1994, I and a few millions fellow countrymen tried our best to put as many miles as we could between us and that serial killer/ war lord/ now head of state Paul Kagame. That guy really wanted us dead. He sent troops to bomb and burn to the ground the refugee camps we had built in the former Zaire and those RPA grunts really outdid themselves in their efforts to exterminate us. Some of us survivors walked across the entire Zaïre (now DRC) and reached the Congo Brazzaville. Some of us spent years in the thick Zairean jungles, surviving like wild animals. Those of us who didn’t get hacked to death or weren’t shot by Kagame’s men were eaten by wild animals or drowned in rivers or just starved to death or died from eating toxic plants…books have been written about this but if you ask me, not even half of the nightmare has been told yet.

The scary thing is that the nightmare isn’t over yet, over 15 years later. Lately Kagame’s lobbyists have been working round the clock to get the UN High Commissary for Refugees to declare that no Rwandan should be granted refugee status any more, nowhere in the world, since “the situation in Rwanda has improved” and “it is now safe for any Rwandan to return home”.

Before invading Zaire, Kagame has famously confided to a reporter that his deepest regret was “having let these people get away”, meaning us refugees. His RPA soldiers murdered thousands of civilians who had recently returned from Zaire and had moved into a temporary camp in KIBEHO, with UN troops looking on.

I guess this successful broad-daylight killing of unarmed civilians exercise emboldened him to go on a Hutu hunt in Zaire in 1996 under the watchful and passive eye of many NGO’s, some of which actually lend a helping hand to the killers, sending planes to monitor refugee movement in the Zaire bushes, ostensibly for the purpose of channeling food and medication to them. As soon as such a plane had flown over a refugee column, RPA troops would invariably appear out of nowhere and start killing everybody.

They killed Hutus until they got tired. Then they rested and resumed killing.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the UN “discovered” that the RPA men had committed “acts that could possibly qualify as genocide” during their invasion of Zaire.

Why am I even writing this? The killing of Hutu civilians which started in October 1990 hasn’t stopped even for a month. No Hutu has been safe again since the day the racist Tutsi-led RPF troops entered Rwanda by force.
People started “disappearing” and are still disappearing today, to use US Ambassador Susan Rice’s own words. Still, no condemnation, no sanctions or threats of sanctions, no reaction whatsoever from the UN or any western country to condemn this regime.

Kagame won’t rest until he has “emptied the sea with a spoon” as he once put it. He believes in killing people in a organized way, like gathering the entire population of a chosen area under the pretense of distributing food to them, then killing them all, men, wives and children. He believes in exterminating entire families because that leaves few people willing to risk their lives asking questions about the victims. He knows he is virtually untouchable as long as he keeps doing the west’s dirtiest work, that is, helping keeping Africans’ numbers down and turning his motherland into a slave for western companies and governments.

Now if Kagame gets his way, next week he may get the survivors of his Hutu extermination campaigns delivered to him, to his very doorstep. Yes, forcible repatriation is what he’s been lobbying the UN for, and it looks like this idea doesn’t shock anyone at the UN. They will be just watching, passively, probably getting the popcorn ready and sitting back to enjoy the show. Because it will be on TV, like Zaire was in 1996, like Saddam’s hanging or Kadhafi’s lynching.

The hutu genocide soon recognized?

August 29, 2010

This week the western media exploded with a reportedly leaked report on atrocities commited by Rwandan troops against hutu refugees during the 1996-97 invasion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They say because of the way the RPA (formerly RPF) systematically targeted rwandan AND congolese Hutus for extermination, those massacres might qualify as genocide.

Well, this is a good start, if a late, very late one, but when are we going to read about the RPF’s extermination campaigns against hutu populations in Rwanda FROM 1990?

I mean what does a mass murderer have to do these days for their acts to be recognized as genocide? Target a specific group for extermination? the RPF did that. Has been doing that for 20 years now. But for some reason, the UN, EU, US have been looking the other way. Aid has been pouring in from the West to fund the RPF regime’s military campaigns in the Congo and counterinsurgency-read mass murder- campaigns against Rwandan citizens. Now, 10 million dead Congolese and God knows how many million dead Rwandans later, the UN wakes up and goes “mmmh…could this be a genocide?”

UN to stop food supplies to Rwandan refugees.

June 8, 2009

I was shocked to hear this from NBC.  A UN High Commission for the Refugees lady commenting on the impending forced repatriation of Rwandan refugees in Uganda: “refugees are never forced to return…” before adding, in the same breath: “after July 31, the assistance will stop”.

In plain English, she means that those people who are running from the bloodthirsty Rwandan regime, and who were first welcomed in refugee camps by the UN in Uganda, are now being asked to go back to Rwanda or starve, because “there is security in Rwanda”.

Yes, those thousands of men, women and children must have all imagined that they were in danger and suddenly decided to leave all their belongings behind and cross the border to Uganda only to realise that there was no danger after all? The UNHCR is taking part in mass murder, just like it did in 1996 by helping RPF soldiers tracking down Rwandan refugees in the Congo.