About me

Thanks for stopping by. I am one of the millions of Rwandan people who ran for their lives as Paul Kagame’s genocidal army took power in 1994. I was lucky enough to get safely to Belgium, where I am now blogging from. I’ll try and keep you updated on the life of a Rwandan immigrant in Europe. 


One Response to “About me”

  1. Anna May Simone Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to request that you remove my name from the blog post from May 7, 2011 about the film being made with Keith Harmon Snow. “Ada O. Shaw” was my pseudonym. My real name is Anna May Simone. I have recently learned that “Ada O. Shaw” is a real person who is also a filmmaker but she has no association whatsoever with this film.

    Please replace “Ada O. Shaw” in this blog with “Anna May Simone” as soon as possible.

    If possible, lets please communicate further over email.


    Anna May Simone

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