Miss Tutsi a.k.a. Miss Rwanda Beauty Pageant

Miss Rwanda contest 2015

Miss Rwanda 2015: a Tutsi-only pageant?

Height is part of the admission criteria in Miss Rwanda beauty pageant. Contestants under 170 cm need not apply, plain and simple. Such a criteria would be OK if this was say, the Netherlands or South Sudan. But this is Rwanda, where the Twa community lives and has been living before the Hutu and Tutsi came in. Twa are descendants of pygmies, which means most members of that community are short people, rarely taller than 160 cm. The Hutu tend to be taller, and the Tutsi are known to be among the tallest people on the planet. Dinka from South Sudan are the only people I can think of who are generally taller than the Rwandan Tutsi.

Anywhere else in the world, such a blatant racist criteria would spark outrage, but this is Rwanda. Hutu and Twa living under the current regime in Rwanda have gotten used to so much abuse and discrimination of all kinds that nobody dares to protest this. And by the way, all members of the Miss Rwanda jury-except maybe one- just happen to look Tutsi.

Paul Kagame’s RPF has installed such an apartheid-like regime that Rwandans who were born under the tall man’s rule seem to have no issues with such an obvious display of racism. At least they aren’t expressing any. They have gotten used to the idea that every high-ranking position in government is meant for the tall folks. Today in Rwanda, any prosperous businessman has to be either Tutsi or have a lot of important Tutsi friends. Any movie star, rock (more probably rap) star, church leader or whatever successful business owner has to be either a Tutsi or a self-loathing Hutu or Twa who has sworn loyalty to the Tutsi supremacist criminal organization-turned political party RPF.

The repression against anyone who doesn’t actively work to further the nazi-like RPF agenda is such that people proactively discriminate against the Hutu and the Twa to stay in king Kagame’s good graces. I’m sure nobody specifically instructed the organizers of Miss Rwanda to keep Hutus and Twas out. They proactively did so to escape the wrath of the tall man. Keep feeding the beast lest it gets hungry and considers chewing you up, that seems to be everybody’s motto in Rwanda these days.


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3 Responses to “Miss Tutsi a.k.a. Miss Rwanda Beauty Pageant”

  1. Sano Says:

    It is your opinion but… you got it wrong. I know Tutsi shorter than 1.50 m and almost 2 m tall Hutus. So, find a better element for your propaganda!

    • birigi Says:

      Sano, I’m not sure what you mean by propaganda. Propaganda for what exactly?
      I too know short Tutsis and tall Hutus, thank you. I even know tall Twas. This doesn’t stop the height criterion from making this contest blatantly unfair to the Twa ladies. It’s like using a 170cm height criteria in a contest where girls from the USA and Japan are competing. The US girls would clearly have a huge advantage over the Japanese, even though you can find 2m tall Japanese girls.

  2. carmencharles Says:

    To My Twa, Hutu and Tutsi Friends,

    How difficult to comment on this Human Rights Subject.

    As a Canadian; a Fine Artist and Global Humanitarian Relief Worker with 8 years Volunteering and Contract Working with UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, ICRC and various NGOs, in East Africa, I can only Hope and Pray for a Positive, Compassionate Future for All Peoples concerned; Twa, Hutu and Tutsi.

    If you can forgive and build a New Future for All Three of Your Peoples, You will be the Most Enlightened People on Earth that has ever been and an Ultimate Example to the rest of the World’s People.
    The African People have proven in previous times that they can achieve Wonders beyond what other People are capable of. Look at the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The physical features of the Colosal Sculptures in Egypt have strong African Negroid Features. These are not Arab Faces, but People of the Sud. People of Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Africa. You can research this on Google and in Ancient Texts.

    I can only Pray for the Wonderful People of the Magnificent Cultures of Twa, Hutu and Tutsi, to find Inner Strength and Power to Culture the Deep Harmony that is in them, and so Vital to the Realization of their future as a People of a Great Humanitarian African Mosaic.

    It is up to the Strongest Parts of each of these Great Peoples and their Cultures, to Give and Share with the Weaker Parts of each of these Great Peoples and Cultures.

    This will exemplify a Great Legacy for All of Mankind, never before achieved. A Heartfelt Legacy of Forgiveness and Creativity.
    I Pray that “Yah’ will give You the Inner Strength for Success.

    Your Canadian Brother,
    C. Charles Rudd
    Fine Artist
    Global Humanitarian Relief Worker.

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