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Who’s been setting Rwandan jails on fire during the World Cup 2014?

July 17, 2014

While the world was passionately watching the World Cup in Brazil, news kept coming from Rwanda about jails inexplicably catching fire. Here is what says about it. This is my rendition of the article originally in Kinyarwanda.


The witnesses of the deaths caused by fires in Rwandan jails can find no words to describe the horror. One of them told us about what he(or she) saw when a jail burned. He also tells us about his worries regarding the future. «  We lost hundreds and hundreds of inmates », said the witness.


« Kagame is exterminating us. If it is within your power, please help us without delay. Over 1000 prisoners perished in the fires KAGAME ordered for Rwandan prisons. By reading this you might think that I am exaggerating but it is 500% true because I personally witnessed it.


The first action KAGAME has planned to accomplish before his own death is to kill all the inmates in the country in the shortest time possible because he considers them likely to be recruited and fight him in the last war that is about to break out in Rwanda.


His second action will be to exterminate all the opponents to his regime. He calls them all FDLR. As they too are likely to take up arms against him at short notice, they must be killed very swiftly.


The first action has already started, and preparations for the second action are well advanced. Those who predicted what is about to happen in Rwanda and who dared tell Kagame about it were immediately thrown in jail.


If you doubt this news, I challenge you to produce the names of any survivor of the mass murder in Nyakiriba Prison. While you’re at it, try and produce the name of any Muhanga Prison survivor who would have been transferred to another location. I have seen with my own eyes hundreds and hundreds of corpses, mixed with tree trunks and stones, thrown in a huge hole inside the Nyakiriba jail. Whoever has the power to request an independent international investigation about these horrifying murders should act swiftly so that the truth comes out.

Soma iyi nkuru mu kinyarwanda.