The hutu genocide soon recognized?

This week the western media exploded with a reportedly leaked report on atrocities commited by Rwandan troops against hutu refugees during the 1996-97 invasion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They say because of the way the RPA (formerly RPF) systematically targeted rwandan AND congolese Hutus for extermination, those massacres might qualify as genocide.

Well, this is a good start, if a late, very late one, but when are we going to read about the RPF’s extermination campaigns against hutu populations in Rwanda FROM 1990?

I mean what does a mass murderer have to do these days for their acts to be recognized as genocide? Target a specific group for extermination? the RPF did that. Has been doing that for 20 years now. But for some reason, the UN, EU, US have been looking the other way. Aid has been pouring in from the West to fund the RPF regime’s military campaigns in the Congo and counterinsurgency-read mass murder- campaigns against Rwandan citizens. Now, 10 million dead Congolese and God knows how many million dead Rwandans later, the UN wakes up and goes “mmmh…could this be a genocide?”

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One Response to “The hutu genocide soon recognized?”

  1. carmencharles Says:

    The UN System has made some great contributions to Humanity however it’s also full of corruption and mismanagement, fundamentally because it’s the Main and Only Mega Organization supposedly Making and Keeping World Peace. However if the Politics of a Nation’s Bureaucracy is complicated and filled with Political Corruption, the Politics of the UN comprised of all the World Nations is a corresponding Multiple of that Mismanagement and Political Corruption.
    This is in no way meant as an excuse or reason for this organization to behave so badly, even worse than a spoiled child, which I’ve mused for 27 years, since I first Volunteered with UNICEF; What can be done to rectify the situation???

    There are some Good, Intelligent, Compassionate People Serving in the UN Professions and a considerable number of Con Artists posing as Humanitarian Facilitators. These few Good People get shuffled around within the UN System or to other countries, if and when they make waves, due to their good conscience no longer being able to stomach the sickness within the UN System, or in the country they are working. Their actions may have Political repercussions, that can cause problems for those in the upper eschelons of the UN and / or the respective Governments where the UN Serves.

    World Politics can be fulfilling and dynamic, as well as insidious and full of et tu Brutus? Backstabbing.

    The UN can perhaps never be forgiven for its colossal failure in Rwanda 1994. What immense Good can it ever do to earn the forgiveness first of the People of Rwanda – Burundi and then of the People of the World? Will the UN do anything for the People of Burundi in this New Genocide? Now in 2015.

    Think of it.

    Reply by C. Charles Rudd
    Fine Artist
    Global Humanitarian Relief Worker.

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