More guns for Kagame, from Obama.

Some things in US politics never change. From the standpoint of Pambazuka News, Obama’s administration foreign policy in Africa in 2010 is going to be more guns for Museveni, Kagame and other US proxies. Exactly 300% more.

Kagame was successful in securing US support by profiling himself as a cool-blooded killer willing to do whatever was in America’s interest, like invading other African states, even 100 times bigger than his own (Rwanda can fit about 80 times in its gigantic neighbor DRC ), sending troops to fight US wars in Darfur and God knows wherer else, basically opening Rwanda’s legs to US/UK/EU rapists, a.k.a. corporations. That simple approach has worked wonders for Kagame because to this day he’s been tacitly given a license to kill and torture whoever he wants in Rwanda, which was the reason he got into politics to begin with. That is, if murdering two elected presidents (Habyarimana of Rwanda, Ntaryamira of Burundi in April 1994) and famously winning elections by a score EXCEEDING 100% of the vote in the very terrorized northern Rwanda can be called politics. If you thought that Africom was going away, wake up folks, it’s here to stay.


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One Response to “More guns for Kagame, from Obama.”

  1. Roula Says:

    Kagame can do whatever he wants to do, but one day the man from the above will call him to judgement. Mobutu was also protected by the west, but one day the west give up on him. Soon or later the freedom of God’s people will echo all over the world.

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