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UN to stop food supplies to Rwandan refugees.

June 8, 2009

I was shocked to hear this from NBC.  A UN High Commission for the Refugees lady commenting on the impending forced repatriation of Rwandan refugees in Uganda: “refugees are never forced to return…” before adding, in the same breath: “after July 31, the assistance will stop”.

In plain English, she means that those people who are running from the bloodthirsty Rwandan regime, and who were first welcomed in refugee camps by the UN in Uganda, are now being asked to go back to Rwanda or starve, because “there is security in Rwanda”.

Yes, those thousands of men, women and children must have all imagined that they were in danger and suddenly decided to leave all their belongings behind and cross the border to Uganda only to realise that there was no danger after all? The UNHCR is taking part in mass murder, just like it did in 1996 by helping RPF soldiers tracking down Rwandan refugees in the Congo.