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More arrests in Brussels on april 6

April 8, 2009

There is a a Memorial to the Rwandan Genocide in Woluwe St Pierre, one of the 19 communes of Brussels. Nothing happens there all year until April. On April 6, Rwandans gather there to pay tribute to all the victims of  the mass murders that took place in Rwanda from 1990 to today. On april 7, other Rwandans come to pay tribute to the Tutsi victims. This year, the former were greeted by a throng of cops in uniform while the latter were accompanied by Belgium ministers and other VIPs.

Last year, the Bourgmestre of Woluwe St Pierre had ignored pressure from Kagame’s lobbysts and refused to stop Hutus from gathering at the memorial. He lost his job real quick. The new bourgmestre has obviously got the message.  Anyone who went to the Rwandan Genocide Memorial on the 6th of April this year was firmly asked to leave the premises and those who refused got arrested.

Here are a few pictures of the April 6 folks in prayer at the memorial before they got arrested.