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Mugabe must be doing something right

June 26, 2008

I’ve received an email from Avaaz, some internet Human Rights organization who launches media campaigns to support various causes, from global warming to human rights issues.  Basically, it was one of those “remove Mugabe” messages you usually find in British and US media.


Until now, I didn’t know what the deal was with Mugabe. I knew he had fought the same battles as Mandela and both men had spent an awful lot of years in South African racist governments’ prisons. I knew Mugabe was one of the men who freed Zimbabwe from white colonists’ apartheid rule. He was portrayed positively in western media until a few years ago, when he decided to take some land from the rich and give it back to the poor. And yes, it was about that time he called Tony Blair’s government “gay”.


Now al of a sudden, Paul Kagame and Museveni are criticizing Mugabe. Which means Mugabe must be doing something right. Can u believe Kagame is actually criticizing Mugabe’s election process? Paul Kagame talking about free and fair elections! I know for a fact that Kagame “won” elections by publicly promising to “grind and crush” anyone who votes the wrong way. Now, Rwandans have learned the hard way to take seriously any threat made by Kagame. When he promised to attack refugee camps in the Congo on national radio, we all thought he was nuts. Then he did it. So when he launched his campaign slogan “tora neza” which translates in the barely veiled threat “vote right”, he won in such a landslide that, in the northern town of Gisenyi, the votes in his favour EXCEEDED 100%. He really took ballot box stuffing to a new level.


Kagame and Museveni have a long history of helping the USA violently remove African leaders: Habyarimana, Mobutu, John Garang, and the list goes on.


Kagame was personally involved in the murder of two Burundi presidents (Melchior Ndadaye and Cyprien Ntaryamira) and of a Rwandan president (Juvenal Habyarimana).


In order to get in power, Kagame started a genocide against the Hutu in Rwanda in 1990 and another one against the Tutsi in 1994. Once in power, he launched a war in the Congo that took 2000 civilian lives every day for ten years. Over 6 million people died in this butchery.


Anything this man supports can’t be good. Anything this man condemns can’t be all bad.


I think Avaaz is, knowingly or not, serving as a mouthpiece to the CIA to psychologically prepare the world for the assassination of Mugabe.