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May 30, 2008

Stumbled on this website a few days ago. It’s about Rwandan social and political issues and it features plenty of REAL news, testimony and documentation on  Rwanda. The author is a great man who tells it as it is. Only in french, though (the website, not the “telling it as it is”). Definitely worth checking if you ever want to write about Rwanda. Too many western kids -and adults- are writing and publishing stuff on Rwanda with as only source pro-Kagame propaganda that they pick up from CNN.

Kagame’s propaganda machine is not to be taken lightly. Ever since the RPF took power in Rwanda in bloody 94, every tourist that lands at kigali airport is taken to a tour of Genocide memorial sites where he can see and smell heaps of human skulls just to remind him how evil the Hutu people are. And how brave the RPF soldiers – who supposedly stopped the carnage – are.

What they won’t tell you on those tours is that the very same RPF started the carnage.

That it did everything under the sky to make sure peasants start stabbing and cutting down each other. Then, when all hell broke loose, they came in as heroes and “saved the day”, Hollywood style.