Western media on Rwanda

I was watching some video about Rwanda on You Tube, and the same comment kept coming: “how could the US just stand by and watch all that people die?”

It irks me every time I hear that stupid comment.

The fact is the US didn’t stand on the sidelines in Rwanda. The US was involved in Rwanda’s business from day one. They trained and supported Paul Kagame and his accomplices before their invasion of Rwanda in October 1990, which triggered the war that would culminate into the civil war of 1994. Both Bushes’ and Clinton’s administrations kept the money coming to the RPF throughout the whole process and to this day they haven’t changed anything about that policy.

The problem is not what the US didn’t do so much as what they did do. Today Paul Kagame is certainly the only head of state who can invade another country and kill over 2000 people a day for more than ten years and still get away with it. How come? Well, he made sure the US dirtied their own hands so bad they would have no other choice than to support and protect him.

I mean really, how do you go about confessing to triggering the slaughter of over 5 million people? They’d rather keep portraying him as the “man-who-stopped-the-genocide” and keep doing quietly their pillaging-of-natural-resources and experimenting-on-people business in the Congo.

They’d rather look away when Kagame’s RPF army kills thousands of civilians in broad daylight and millions at night. Entire regions of Rwanda have been emptied of their population. Remnants of the victims were burned and dissolved with chemicals. All this has been well documented, even some of it was filmed, but to this day Kagame remains, in western journalists’ mouth, the “man-who-stopped-the-genocide”. 

Peter Verlinden remains among the very few journalists who did their job and genuinely informed the public on RPF crimes in Rwanda and the Congo.




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