Cynthia McKinney

In all countries, there is always that rare political figure who goes into politics to really try and improve people’s lives. Such characters are very hard to come by. Like a priest or pastor who would actually believe in the gospel. Here I mean we all believe in something, but professionals are never fanatics. After a war, veterans of both opposing armies find it easier to become friends than civilians who didn’t even take part in the battle. A soccer or basketball star will change teams in a second while his fans would rather die than sit on the opposing team’s bench.

Cynthia McKinney belongs to that breed of politician. She doesn’t play games. She’s honestly trying to improve humanity’s condition. She is probably the only American politician who dares to speak openly about the genocide of the Hutu in Rwanda by the blood-drenched hand of Paul Kagame’s RPF.

Maybe there is a God after all. 



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