Rusesabagina’s interview

Paul Rusesabagina is that guy Don Cheadle impersonated in Hotel Rwanda. The main character of the movie actually bears his name. Great performance by Don, by the way. He looked, acted and sounded every bit Rwandan (as long as he didn’t try to pronounce his rwandan name). 

When the movie came out, the Rwandan goverment invited Mr Rusesabagina, the real one, to attend the première in Kigali. He declined the invitation, then went on to talk openly to the press about the “over a million people who had been internally displaced in Rwanda, flying before the advancing RPF army when the events depicted in the movie actually took place”.  All of a sudden, Paul Rusesabagina was no more welcome back to Rwanda than any other hutu from the diaspora. He now fears for his life and well, considered Paul Kagame’s human rights record, there is nothing paranoid about that.  

Today I found this interview by a canadian journalist, I think. Definitely worth checking out.


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